Program Overview

MAP is a Saturday program for intermediate and advanced music students from New York City’s five boroughs and the tristate area who demonstrate a commitment to artistic excellence. The program actively seeks students from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in the classical music field and is committed to enrolling the most talented and deserving students regardless of their financial background. Through a rigorous curriculum, performance opportunities, and guidance from an accomplished faculty, MAP students gain the necessary skills to pursue advanced music studies while developing their talents as artists, leaders, and global citizens. Approximately 70 students are enrolled in MAP, which is led by Artistic Director Anthony McGill. MAP is generously supported through an endowed gift in memory of Carl K. Heyman.


The mission of the Music Advancement Program is to provide a bridge to higher levels of artistic and personal development for intermediate and advanced level music students from backgrounds underrepresented in the classical music field so they may pursue their fullest potential as artists, leaders, and global citizens.

To achieve this mission, the Music Advancement program will:

  • Provide full-tuition scholarships to all students and additional financial assistance as needed for expenses related to their music study.
  • Offer a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, including private lessons, music theory and ear training, ensemble playing, and performance skills.
  • Engage a faculty of dedicated artists and educators to instruct, mentor, and help students articulate and strive towards their unique goals.
  • Prepare students to audition for advanced preparatory programs, specialized high schools, and summer music programs.
  • Provide opportunities for students to engage with the greater Juilliard community, including the Juilliard Pre-College and College Divisions.
  • Foster an environment among MAP families, students, faculty, and staff that is encouraging, inclusive, and supportive of all.

Program Information

Our Students

MAP students are intermediate and advanced-level elementary, middle, and high school students seeking to advance their skills in a rigorous conservatory environment. Having begun their studies in school bands and orchestras, at community music schools, or with private instructors, MAP students come together from a variety of backgrounds to work toward the common goal of fulfilling their potential as artists, leaders, and global citizens.


The faculty of the Music Advancement Program is comprised of professional artist-educators with a demonstrated commitment to MAP’s mission and a depth of experience which uniquely qualifies them to develop young artist-musicians. Visits by various guest artists and ensembles further inspire MAP students in their musical endeavors through interactive, free-of-charge performances presented at Juilliard.

Performance Opportunities

MAP students showcase their progress each year in solo recitals and ensemble concerts presented in Juilliard's state-of-the-art concert halls and theaters. Many of these performances offer MAP students the chance to perform alongside Juilliard college students who serve as mentors. All MAP performances are presented free-of-charge.

Summer Study Partnerships & Scholarships

MAP partners with various summer music camps to offer MAP students exclusive scholarships, tuition discounts, or special consideration for admission to their programs. Past partners have included Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music, Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Brevard Music Center, French Woods Festival for the Performing Arts, Interlochen Summer Arts Camp, Kinhaven Music School, MSM Summer, New England Music Camp, Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts, and The Walden School Young Musicians Program.

MAP students may apply for financial assistance to attend summer camps and festivals through the Weston Sprott and Anthony McGill MAP Summer Scholarship Fund, established in 2020.


In addition to offering a comprehensive curriculum, performance opportunities, and summer study partnerships and scholarships, MAP supports students and their families by providing educational workshops on a range of topics, a literacy program for young siblings of MAP students, and opportunities to attend professional concerts at discounted rates or free-of-charge. Parents are also encouraged to participate in MAP's active Family Association which facilitates fundraisers and special events that build community among MAP families, faculty, and staff.

After Juilliard

MAP alumni have gone on to study in community music schools, pre-college programs, conservatories, and universities. Many have chosen music education as their passion, while others have become professional musicians in various musical styles. All alumni have been equipped with quality musical experiences that empower them to become advocates for the arts.


The idea for MAP was developed in 1991 by Joseph W. Polisi, the president of The Juilliard School, in the wake of massive cuts in music education at New York City public schools. Part of his goal was to help those students most affected by those cuts, whose communities are underrepresented in the classical music world.

In 1991, 40 young people from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx were chosen from a competitive pool to take part in the initial program. Each student selected had at least six months of prior experience with an orchestral instrument, showed musical aptitude and a commitment to pursuing musical studies, and demonstrated strong parental support.

Today, MAP offers a curriculum for students at intermediate and advanced levels who demonstrate a strong desire and potential for serious musical study. Through rigorous coursework and intense practice, these students strive with their MAP teachers towards the goal of successfully auditioning for advanced music preparatory programs. As it did 25 years ago, MAP continues to target children from backgrounds underrepresented in the classical music field. By serving these students, MAP contributes to the diversity, range, and excellence of the future performing arts community.